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SnackRiot 411

SnackRiot scours the country to source the best fruit snacks, bars, crackers, jerky, chips + treats for your family. We are a monthly snack box created by parents for parents. Let SnackRiot take finding awesome quality snacks off your loooong to-do list.
The struggle is real, let SnackRiot help you be the hero!
Same snacks, different day - your crew is HANGRY and you need snacks
AHA Moment
AHA Moment
No more mom guilt, there is a solution to my snack struggle. SnackRiot will fill my pantry with a variety of quality healthy snacks.
Full snack cabinet = happy kids
You knew where to go for the ultimate snack save. Your work here is done, another score for mom! We’re in it together, SnackRiot has your back 👊
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•Try out the best new brands, flavors and ingredients before committing to purchase in bulk

•We deliver not only the very best snacks but also value, innovation and a premium curated service to your doorstep

•The SnackRiot Solution delivers an amazing mix of dried fruit snacks, bars, crackers, jerky, chips and/or treats. Duplicates of each must-try snack allow your whole crew to get a taste!
$34 per month
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Meet your #Snackheros
We met at preschool drop-off when our kids, Marlowe and JR, were the ripe old age of two and everyone has been tight since. As our kids got older we began to realize they NEED SNACKS all day long - mid-morning, lunchboxes, carpool, playdates, sidelines, pre/post games - the list doesn't end!

Together we created SnackRiot - an easy monthly solution to your family’s snack situation that lets you try the best new brands, flavors and ingredients before committing to purchase in bulk.


Created by Parents,
for Parents