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A Real Momma Life Hack, our Interview on the Chaotic Commute

Tell us about your company?

SnackRiot is a monthly snack solution for families. As crazed yet confident mommas, we scour the country to find new snacks for your family to try; we vow to introduce you to new brands and ingredients that expand your families’ flavor profiles. We know first-hand the sheer volume of snacks kids require every day as well as the time it takes to find the best options out there - SnackRiot is your snack hack! SnackRiot pledges to revolutionize the way busy families try and buy snacks!

How did this fun ride begin??

Arielle has always been a very particular snack provider. After one of the many many play dates our kids had together, Erica called Arielle and asked what chips her son had at the playdate. Arielle told her they were a bean flour version of a traditional tortilla chip; Arielle happened to be at the market when Erica called so she just picked up a few different bags for her. Arielle brought them over to Erica’s house, her kids devoured them and she was like, “this is amazing! You just curated my chip shelf - I need this every month!” For months after we would discuss the idea of a snack delivery service, but one that was laser-focused on families. Our service would introduce kids (and their parents) to new flavors and ingredients while giving them better versions of the snacks we knew they loved.

From there it just snowballed and in May 2019 we attended our first snack food trade show in Chicago called Sweets and Snacks and SnackRiot has been rolling ever since! SnackRiot’s inaugural box shipped in October and we’ve had amazing feedback from customers and brands alike. There is no looking back now!


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