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Easing Into Life Post Pandemic

Over the past year, almost all of us have had our lives overhauled in one way or another by the pandemic. And while we’ve adapted by necessity, the longevity of this “temporary” situation has made normal life seem oddly abnormal. As we watch the vaccination numbers climb higher each day, easing into post-pandemic life is at the top of our minds -- but what exactly does that mean in a post-pandemic world? Well, we’re not 100% sure, but we wanted to share a few suggestions that we have come up with to help you and those around you make the transition a bit easier. 


If you’re back to commuting or getting ready to be in the next few months, you may have forgotten exactly what that looks like. We have become accustomed to being home with unlimited access to the kitchen. For those of us commuting solo to work, you might be used to having snacks provided for you by your office that might not be there any longer for safety reasons. Sadly, no more group sharing of Friday morning bagels and boxes of donuts. If you used to grab a snack on the way out the door or first thing in the morning, you could get stuck being very hungry. Either way, it’s always a good idea to stock up and have snacks on hand and ready to go. With SnackRiot, we make it easy to have a tasty variety of healthy on-the-go office-ready snacks at your fingertips without much effort. 

Working From Home Part-Time 

Some of us still won’t be going back into an office full-time for a long while, which means maybe it’s time to tweak our more permanent routine. If you’ve found yourself snacking on chips and empty calories throughout the day because you just can’t find the energy to make another meal, you’re not alone. We want to help adjust your routine and give you healthy versions of your favorite snacks at your fingertips. Stock up your home office with nutritious salty and sweet treats that will leave you feeling satisfied and will keep your energy up throughout the day.


After school and weekend activities will likely be back in full swing by the late spring and summer months. Active kids mean hungry kids and we want you to stop spending money on snacks that nobody loves. Our SnackRiot box will give your family a variety and allow them to find their new favorite healthy snacks without wasting your money on a bunch of brands nobody enjoys. Keep a SnackRiot box in your car and be ready for snacking on the go at a moment’s notice.

Healthy Habits

Being stuck at home has really thrown a wrench in so many of our healthy habits. Whether it’s missing the mile-long walk during your commute, or having 24/7 access to your refrigerator, it has been harder to make healthy choices this year. That is one of the reasons we love SnackRiot so much -- we make healthy, delicious snacking effortless. All of our snacks are healthy and taste-tested to ensure deliciousness. We know that you’ll find new healthy snacking favorites in every box, and the variety each month will make sure your palate never gets bored!

Regardless of your situation, there is a new normal on the horizon and SnackRiot is here for you.  Let us be your snacks on the go, a complement to kids’ lunches and after school snacks, or your in-office snack provider.  Month after month, our subscribers share how much they love the brand because they discover new, healthy snacks without having to do any work! 

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