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Letters from College - “Mom-Curated” Snacks are an A+

    When I was in high school I was one of those girls who could eat whatever I wanted. So when I got to college, I thought that would remain true. In reality, when I was living at home, “whatever I wanted” meant whatever my mom kept in the house — 99% of the time healthy, nutritious, and balanced foods. At college, the options became a broader range of deep fried, processed, and sugar-filled foods. Instead of the mom-curated cabinets of my past, I had my pick of dining halls, vending machines, and late night pizza. 

    It was always a challenge to have snacks around. If I needed a quick bite, going all the way to the dining hall seemed like a chore (and would usually result in my eating way more than I needed). Another flaw,  I never kept enough snacks around my dorm room. During my senior year a relative gifted me my first box of SnackRiot - I was instantly hooked! It was an easy and efficient way to get “mom-curated” snacks into my apartment just like I had at home. Once again I felt like I could eat whatever I wanted, because what I wanted were the nutritious, protein rich, and balanced foods that were delivered to me each month. My roommate also became hooked and was just as excited every month to receive the box. Having SnackRiot snacks kept my mind off of finding snacks every day, and let me focus more on finishing off my senior year healthy, full, and happy.

    Today, college students are facing entirely new challenges when it comes to food, health, and safety. Coronavirus has completely changed college as I knew it. When going to the grocery store poses significant risks and challenges (if their schools even allow them to go), SnackRiot is more essential than ever for college students stuck in their dorms. Send your college kiddos SnackRiot - it’s the smart, healthy and clean way to snack!

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