We are two moms with one simple goal - offer simple solutions, ideas and hacks to make you and your family’s lives easier. We created our business, SnackRiot, because we know first-hand the struggle is real and us moms can always use a good pro-tip, or twenty!


Do you ever get frustrated packing your kids’ snacks and lunches for school and after-school activities? Below are a few of our fav tips and tricks to help make lunch and snack prep a family affair.


  1. Our number one school-day food prep tip is to get everything ready the night before; even if you are exhausted you will be thankful in the morning. Bonus points if you get your kids to pack their own snacks and lunch. Most kids age 5+ have fun choosing their favorite main dishes, sides and snacks.


The big question is, in what do you pack everything? Over the years we have tried numerous food storage systems and bento boxes. Our favorite systems are YUMBOX and Sistema Dual Container because they fit best in an average lunchbox and are just the right size to give your child a little bit of everything. Bento boxes are ideal for making the most of last night’s dinner and other bits and pieces you have left over.


  1. Another tip we love is to create a snack cabinet that makes everything visible and easy for everyone, big and small, to access. Break down your bulk individually packaged snacks and treats (recycle their larger boxes and bags) and organize them directly into the snack cabinet. This way kids can see all of their options, can’t complain they don’t know what is available, and can independently access whatever they want.


We do the same thing when buying bulk raisins, nuts, cereals etc. Just empty the loose contents into large clear containers and voila – easy choices and easy access! We like Bed Bath and Beyond and Dave’s Dollar offer great snack cabinet storage options.


Getting your crew and yourself out the door can definitely be a challenge, but with a few quick planning tips you will hopefully find those precious extra minutes to drink a fresh, not microwaved five times, cup of coffee. We’ll drink to that!

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