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Making Healthy Eating Easy

We’re SnackRiot, and we’re on a mission to make healthy eating easie

SnackRiot connects busy, health-conscious people to delicious and healthy snack brands. What does that mean?  Well, we're a snack subscription box that provides families, individuals, and companies with delicious and clean snacks that anyone can enjoy. We customize our boxes with brands we love and trust -- in fact, we taste test everything that lands in the box!!  Whether it’s a snack, a treat or an afternoon pick me up, we give you healthier options at your fingertips.   

We started as two busy, working moms trying to keep our crews fueled

Erica and I founded SnackRiot in early 2019 in an effort to help busy families keep their pantries stocked with healthy snacks. The struggle to find healthier versions of our favorite foods can be a challenge.  We believe everyone should feel good about the nutrients going into your body, which is why we started to help corporations in 2020. Life is hectic, but snacking should be simple. 

SnackRiot delivers clean label & taste-test approved foods

Unlike other companies, we taste test every single snack that lands in our boxes.  We scour the country to find the best innovative snacks and refresh our boxes with new brands every month.  In fact, 100% of our customers tell us that they discover new favorite snacks every single month!  Our SnackRiot boxes have introduced customers to 100+ unique snacks, giving them options, convenience, and hopefully some peace of mind

The go-to subscription for individuals & companies

SnackRiot is like hitting the easy button for healthy snacking.  We’re the perfect subscription for busy people, a thoughtful gift for families and a practical and welcomed gift for clients & employees. 

As more people than ever are working from home, SnackRiot is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation for an employee, client, or colleague.  They can enjoy the perfect pick-me-up throughout their day and feel great about the clean fuel they are giving their bodies. Our boxes can be customized with company logos, personal messages and anything else you like - we love to get creative!  

Ready to hit the easy button?

Now through March 31st, get 20% off your first order with the code SNACKS.  To order, check out our website.  For corporate orders, feel free to place an inquiry on our website or email for exclusive pricing.  Happy snacking!

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