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Quarantine Reset

It started with the real basics – we needed and creatively sourced all the toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes we could. The basics quickly multiplied, and we realized our families were woefully unprepared to go the distance – from crayons to puzzles (to loungewear!) we needed to stock up stat.

A funny thing happened along the way. We realized the things we “needed” were more basic than we might have thought, and we would be okay waiting a little longer for what we wanted most. Throughout quarantine two encouraging trends have emerged.

  • Back to basics. Outside of maybe investing in an extra computer or other technology while the kids Zoom for school and you WFH, the most commonly sold-out items reflect a back to basics mentality. A few of the hardest to source quarantine items are puzzles, board games, crayons, chalk, bubbles, trampolines, blow up pools and bakeware. Every one of these items encourages us to explore our creative side, get active and engage with those we love most.
  • Relax expectations. Prior to March, instant gratification had become the norm. You saw something online? It was at your house the next day. With stores closed and next day shipping a thing of the past we’ve shifted our mindset to anticipate delays and think ahead. We are more thoughtful with planning, more patient with delays and invent creative solutions for all the times we are without. And you know the best part? We’re learning it’s going to be okay - we will survive and may even come out of this as more patient individuals.

Of course, the exception to all this is when there is a quarantine birthday in your house, they want the sold-out item and it won’t be here in time, LOL!

We all know we’re living in a unique moment in time and our shopping lists prove it. Hopefully our relaxed expectations and love of puzzles sticks around. Hang in there and tell us your most random or exciting quarantine purchase and how long it took to arrive @thesnackriot!


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