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The Joy of Judging a Snackcelerator

On 11.20.20, SnackRiot brand partner Peekaboo Organics won the Real California Milk Snackcelerator Competition with ice cream featuring hidden veggies and was awarded $200,000. SnackRiot is all about innovation and that's why we work tirelessly to find the most creative and delicious snacks around - like Peekaboo! 

In an effort to introduce monthly snack box subscribers to this amazing brand, SnackRiot featured a Peekaboo branded ice cream scooper and free pint coupon in our October monthly box - the feedback was overwhelming. We knew Peekaboo was a gem and their win confirms our intuition! Although we judged only the savory category (lets keep things fair people!), Peekaboo triumphed for the win.  Check out the official press release and meet the amazing 16 semi-finalists - there are some incredible innovative brands here folks!

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