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They Called Me an Octopus

The other day I was making breakfast for the family – scrambling, toasting, schmearing – you know, your average family breakfast. The kids were helping in the kitchen when one of them turned to me and said, “Mommy, you’re like an octopus doing so many different things at once.” I swear I almost cried from this simple acknowledgement.

As moms we do so much without even thinking about it – we are truly the CEOs of our homes. Human resources, financials, inventory management, logistics, you name it – we likely oversee that division! I don’t know about you, but all this togetherness is revealing a level of appreciation not previously seen around here. This said, appreciation is a two-way street – I have a newfound gratefulness for my husband and kids.

  • The spouse. He is more helpful around the house then previously thought, lol! I’ve caught him engaging with the dishwasher with frequency, taking the lead on dinners and checking off my handyman to-do lists with greater efficiency. Outside of these tactical to-dos I’ve started to notice how he quietly slips on good tunes to lighten the mood, comes downstairs dressed silly just to make the kids laugh, and hands me a glass of wine without my asking (good man!). Everything mentioned is a small thing but actually goes a long way in keeping my family happy, sane and moving forward.
  • The kids. Of course, I love and always knew how rockin’ my kids were, but this quarantine has shed new light on their awesomeness! They are funny (Newman’s Own Lemonade is now called Joe Biden Lemonade – check out the box, it’s uncanny!). They are creative (when they didn’t want haircuts, they made signs and chanted “My hair, my rights!”). They are close and look out for each other (they made “cozy pits” in the playroom and have slept together down there every night).

Is every day perfect? No. That said, appreciating the small things goes an extremely long way in keeping our sanity, good vibes and overall health and happiness.

Stay healthy, stay happy and stay home! Hang in there and tell us what you are most appreciative of these days @thesnackriot!


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