We here at SnackRiot love nothing more than offering up a good snack hack or two. As we’re right in the middle of school vacations and tons of weekend travel opportunities we thought we might focus on travel hacks – snack and otherwise.


Road trips are arguably the easiest type of family trip – just throw it all in the car, right? No weight restrictions, carry-on limitations or cramped overhead space. Anyone who has taken a long road trip with kids might argue otherwise – the struggle to keep everyone entertained and continuously satisfied is very real.


For travel and long road trips we like to mix things up a bit. A fun idea is to take recyclable brown bags and write each child’s name on a bag. Fill the bag with enough different snacks and treats to last them BOTH to your destination AND back home. This is a great challenge in our family as the kids have to pace themselves and save some goodies for the return trip. The kids always love seeing what is packed, having their OWN personal snack stash, and being in charge of when and what they take. This also eliminates the exhaustive passing around of snacks and drinks that are often prevalent on long road trips – phew!


Air travel offers up its own set of challenges as well as opportunities for FUN! Truthfully, in our families, there is a lot of latitude when flying – peace is the name of the game. Headphones, books, and iPads – check, check and check. But what about packing each family member their own special activity and snack bag? If the kids are super tiny this can be a dedicated bag within your bag – if they’re a bit older they can certainly carry their own load.


While buckled up for safety even the littlest ones can feel in charge as they access their own activity books, crayons and of course, goodies! In our family lollipops are a must – obviously they taste delicious (we love Yum Earth Vitamin C Pops!) but also help with cabin pressure. We also love snacks that don’t take up any valuable space – a few of our favorite easy to pack snacks are:

  • Honey Stinger Waffles – tasty honey-based energy fuel snack
  • Blake’s Seed Based bars – allergy friendly, delicious and perfect for your whole crew
  • Bear YoYos – made with only fruits and veggies, each pack includes a travel adventure card
  • Undercover Chocolate – sneaks the health benefits of quinoa into a bite-size chocolate snack


Whether you’re traveling this season by car, plane, boat or otherwise, we highly recommend packing cubes for all your travel essentials. They are designed with efficiency in mind and are a great way to keep it all organized – rolling your clothes into cubes is the real secret to efficient packing. Each member of the family has their own color cubes which makes unpacking shared luggage super simple. We are big fans of eBags’ classic cubes and recently packed a family of five’s week-long ski trip into one checked bag – SCORE!


No matter how you cut it, travel prep and the actual transportation of your family has its own set of challenges. The good news is there are tons of hacks that will allow your crew to have a ton of fun en route to your destination!

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