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We're In it Together

Stuck at home? Us too! Can’t believe this is actually happening? Us either! Looking for suggestions on ways to keep it fun while maintaining your sanity? Yes please!


Let’s face it, no matter where or how you live, we are in this together and realize now more than ever how important it is to (virtually!) surround ourselves with inspiring, creative and positive people.

Below are five ideas to keep the energy high, your sanity in check and the light shining in:

  1. Crank the Tunes: We have all enjoyed a dance party or two in our day but maybe the family dance jam is a new concept. We’re taking this time to blast some of our favorite tunes and educate our kids on some of our fav albums and artists from the 80s, 90s and everything in between. We’ve paid homage to Kenny Rogers’ passing, shared our choice picks in 90s hip-hop, indulged the kids by dancing along to their picks (fair is fair!), and every Tuesday night we watch Phish Dinner and a Movie as a family. If nothing else our kids will emerge just a bit cooler and well versed in musicology.
  2. Bring Back the Boo: Remember how fun it is to get Booed at Halloween? How your kids have so much fun dropping off goodies on doorsteps and receiving treats at your house? Let’s bring it back, socially-distanced style! Create a simple craft with a handwritten note and leave it on a friend’s porch. While not entirely Boo material we’ve also brought back the idea of pen pals; the kids leave hand-written notes, jokes and Q&A’s on friends’ doorsteps. We all need a smile and our kids need a fun activity!
  3. Bake: We know cabinets are getting thin and there isn’t a plethora of ingredients flowing but baking is where it’s at! An egg, water and oil will get you through almost any box recipe (Ghiradelli Brownies are a personal fav!). Are you sitting on bad bananas, left over zucchini, imperfect apples, or blueberries about to go bad? We love to make MUFFINS all day and any way! We’ll share some of our favorite (healthier) muffin recipes on our IG so check them out. A fun idea we love is to take the finished cake, brownie, or muffin and serve it warm in a mug – the kids love it! While not technically baking we recently made our first ice cream cake while in quarantine, easy peasey, who knew?!
  4. Get Up and Move: I guess if we’re going to bake all day we have to get moving at some point! Besides the at-home equipment for us adults – Peloton, treadmill, weights, yoga – we love all the great apps out there that get our kids (and us!) moving! We really love GoNoodle Kids between school “classes,” Xbox’s Just Dance for anytime active fun, and Nike Training Club for the older kids as a home-based fitness plan. Also refer to #1 – crank the tunes and dance around the house, always a winner and guarantees a good sweat if you do it right!
  5. Share the Delivery Love: We all know FreshDirect and Instacart delivery slots are tough to come by these days. If you’re lucky enough to score an elusive slot reach out to a neighbor and see what you can include for them. If you know a friend has been longing to make something but lacks ingredients, order the extra flour and leave it with a note on their doorstep. W guarantee good vibes will come your way!

You’ve got this momma! Hang in there and spread the love by sharing your tips @thesnackriot!


Erica + Arielle

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