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We're Virtually Winning

How many times in the last six weeks have you said something you literally LOL when you realized how ridiculous it would have sounded just six months ago? The other day I texted a friend, “I just left yeast in your mailbox.” And promptly thought, said no one ever!

Normalcy is on its head and dare I say it, I think most people are doing a stand-up job adjusting. Together, parents everywhere are creating innovative, mostly virtual, ways to mimic normalcy. Below are a few favorites…

· School lunch and after-school activities. Outside of all the scheduled screen time, it is nice to creatively mimic good old school days. The other day the kids asked for a school lunch – I dug up our old divided plates and gave them each a slice of pizza, side of fruit and a few cookies. I put the plates on little trays, they picked up the trays from the counter and took them to their seats – it was actually kind of fun! For “after school” activities we sometimes pretend we have to be somewhere and say we have to meet at basketball (the driveway) at 3p, or chess practice (the living room) at 4p.

· Birthday parties. You are you cordially invited to Ryder’s 7th birthday, login promptly at 3p. We’ve seen some pretty creative birthday parties over the past few weeks – people dropping off activities to do “together,” Happy Birthday sing-alongs, and magic shows for 15 friends – the brilliance of these great ideas is they are enjoyed virtually! All the socially distanced birthday fun is great, but nothing beats the drive-by birthday parade – kids hanging out of the sunroofs, hand-made posters, parents honking like crazy – admit it, us parents may enjoy these even more than the kids!

· Virtual playdates. There is no doubt kids have stepped up their tech savvy quotient and can navigate Zoom, Google Hangouts, Messenger Kids and Houseparty like pros. Virtual playdates are a win-win – the kids love connecting with their school buddies and parents get much-needed uninterrupted time. Depending on the age of the kids these calls can be highly engaging and last an hour or two, or downright awkward and filled with looooong stretches of silence, lol! Either way I’m grateful for the technology that is bringing us together, if only virtually.

Parents (and local businesses) are getting creative as we pivot into this new normal – we’re sending all you mamas a virtual high-five!

Stay healthy, stay happy and stay home! Hang in there and tell us your favorite ways to create normalcy (and fun!) @thesnackriot.


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