SnackRiot proudly customizes clean delicious snack boxes for you, your team and your clients. In early 2019 we set out to create an easy solution to your snack situation - our goal was simple, to introduce busy people to innovative clean brands and ingredients. We now ship to 47 states and are delighted to have introduced subscribers to 100+ amazing premium snacks!

We organically grew from a subscriber-only base to now ship thousands of boxes to employees, clients and colleagues nationwide. Our simple turnkey approach allows employers of all sizes to send custom snack boxes to encourage, thank, and reward their teams. Additionally, we offer consultation services to companies looking to offer employees smart snack choices both in and out of the office. SnackRiot can help curate your office snacks and help find healthier, cleaner, new to market snacks to replace your office pantry.

SnackRiot snacks with a purpose. We are on a mission to help Americans make smarter snack choices through nutrition education and healthy snack accessibility. Every month SnackRiot donates snacks in an effort to provide access to smarter healthy choices.


Arielle Diskin, Chief Social Snacker
Arielle is a city gal born and raised in NYC. Arielle is a proud Badger who kicked off her career as a Kindergarten teacher. In her free time, Arielle loves yoga, power organizing everything, and has serious passion for throwing amazing parties! Arielle lives in NY with her husband Sean and kiddos Sloane, JR and Russell.
Hype Song: Hypnotize, Notorious B.I.G.
Fave Bands: Dave Matthews, Britney Spears, Steve Miller
Words to live by: “For every problem there is a solution” Mark Twain

Erica Wagner, Chief Snack Officer
Erica hails from the Sunshine State, born and raised in Miami - Go Gators! She kicked off her career in sports marketing before joining the publishing world. In her free time Erica enjoys seeing live music, running with her dog, and perfecting her box baking. Erica lives in NY with her husband Greg and kids Owen, Ollie and Marlowe.
Hype Song: 7, Prince
Fave Bands: Phish, Jay-Z, Mumford & Sons
Words to live by: “It’d be a lot cooler if you did” Wooderson