We’re two moms with six kids between us.

We met at preschool drop-off when our kids, Marlowe and JR, were the ripe old age of two and everyone has been tight since. As our kids got older we began to realize they NEED SNACKS all day long - mid-morning, lunchboxes, carpool, playdates, sidelines, pre/post games - the list didn’t end! Another wrinkle, the kids easily tired of our regular snack rotation AND it was expensive to keep buying new snacks to try, especially when we threw out boxes of snacks nobody liked.

We had an AHA MOMENT and thought, we’re all in this parenting thing together, maybe we could help each other out and offer up a SNACK SOLUTION. Together we created SnackRiot - an easy monthly solution to your family’s snack situation that lets you try the best new brands, flavors and ingredients before committing to purchase in bulk. We deliver not only the very best snacks but also value, innovation and a premium curated service to your doorstep.

Arielle Diskin
Arielle is a city gal born and raised in NYC. Arielle is a proud Badger who kicked off her career as a Kindergarten teacher. In her “free” time Arielle loves yoga, power organizing any and everything, and has serious passion for throwing amazing parties! Arielle lives in NY with her husband Sean and kiddos Sloane, JR and Russell.

Erica Wagner
Erica hails from the Sunshine State, born and raised in Miami - go Gators! She kicked off her career in sports marketing before joining the publishing world, with her longest stint at Parents. In her “free” time Erica enjoys seeing live music and grooving to the best tunes, running with her dog, and perfecting her box baking. Erica lives in NY with her husband Greg and kids Owen, Ollie and Marlowe.