What is SnackRiot?
Simply put, SnackRiot connects busy health-conscious people to delicious and healthy snack brands. We curate clean delicious snack boxes, offer consultation services that expand employees’ smart snack choices both in and out of the office, and help companies replace office pantries with healthier, cleaner, new to market snacks.
How do I order SnackRiot?
Yay!! Simply click HERE to jump right to our order page. Ordering is super easy and you will get the best new snacks delivered right to your door! For Corporate orders click HERE.
What types of snacks are included in SnackRiot boxes?
Every box includes a mix of chips, bars, crackers, jerky, fruit snacks and/or treats. There are duplicates of each individual size snack so everyone gets a taste! All the snacks are SnackRiot Certified which means they passed the ultimate taste test from our tasting squad!
Are the snacks individual size or full size?
Most of the snacks are individual size (with duplicates!) so everyone gets a taste. Some boxes may also contain a sharable full-size snack so you and your team can snack together!
Are all the snacks organic or healthy choices?
Many of the snacks are organic and 100% of our snacks are vetted by our panel of experts. They are all delicious, sustainable, and will keep you going strong!
When does my box ship?
SnackRiot boxes ship on a rolling basis. Monthly subscriber boxes ship on or around the 10th of the month.
How can I manage my subscription?
Click HERE to sign in, create an account, update account, or cancel your subscription (which would be a major bummer...😢). Subscriptions must be canceled by the 14th of the month.
Is there a minimum corporate order size?
Big or small, we love your team just the same. SnackRiot accommodates corporate orders as small as five boxes.
How can we work with SnackRiot to stock better snacks in our office?
Reach out through our CORPORATE FORM and we will custom tailor options specifically for you and your team.

Do you have a question that’s not listed here...Reach out and ask! Contact Us